Love of: Upcycled, Photography, Antiques, Precious Metals and Jewelry = Spoon Rings!

Spoonier Is: .... A way of breathing life into an absolutely gorgeous era of Art Nouveau sterling silver spoon designs from the early 1900s. These, along with Victorian, Georgian, and Art Deco designs, with some 70s Retro designs also get to be Upcycled into new Statement pieces for everyday wear. The passion is in reviving the Unique Art Nouveau Flower, Goddess, Animal and every other newfound spoon pattern that pass through their jewelry benches.

Spoonier Started: .... In late 2010 when we left a custom Jewelry shop with the desire to make use of our jewelry knowledge, yet keep the freedom to have control over our own lives. We couldn't help noticing the Stunning designs on the sterling spoons from the turn of the century. We knew we could save these spoon's original beauty and history, and offer some really unique jewelry as Spoon Rings.

Spoonier Overcomes a Major Obstacle: …. One week before Christmas in 2015, Spoonier's brand new office was broken into and was robbed of over 500 pieces of jewelry, along with all of the sterling findings and vintage jewelry that look years to accumulate and create. Spoonier reached out to their Etsy family, and received an overwhelming amount of support… Etsy itself showed their love by reaching out and offering help, along with the community of fantastic advice, some random acts of kindness, and sincere camaraderie from shop owners and customers… This is what kept Spoonier afloat after having their livelihood invaded and taken down to bare bones inventory. Spoonier is back in full swing of things now, and even more proud to be a part of the Etsy Family!

Spoonier Gets New Employees: .... They needed a lot of help to rebuild shop inventory. Travis, Melody, and Porter have been introduced with great attitudes and learning the Spoonier way, while all offering their own special talents and special touches. We've also now added Leo for a perfect fit! They are all in it to win it!

"Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!" - Travis

Team Spoonier: .... "We love every spoon that comes in and cherish every customer who appreciates them. We know so much more about spoons, flowers and Art Nouveau than we ever thought we would! Customer service is our #1 Priority, and we will do whatever we can to make sure you get what you want, how you want it and when you want it. Our doors are always open for communication. Every member of Spoonier loves what they do, and it shows!"

Spoonier Castings: .... are high quality solid sterling silver reproductions of some of the more beautiful designs that are over 100 years old and were either not offered in Sterling Silver, or are no longer in production which makes them more difficult to find in spoon form (if not impossible) more than once. The goal is to have there be little to no difference from the original and to meet or exceed customer expectations. It's an awesome way to recycle the sterling silver bowls cut from the antique spoons. Spoonier Castings are Guaranteed for Life.

Spoonier Finds Spoons: …. at Antique shops (and they get to call that work lol) at Estate auctions, internet sales (Etsy has great deals) and every once in awhile at thrift stores. The Historical and Art Nouveau value to sterling flatware is often unknown or unappreciated. Spoonier is honored to be able to give a form of new birth to the beauty of the turn of the century Artistry of: Unger Brothers, Gorham, Whiting, Paye & Baker, Alvin Co, Towle, Durgin, and Watson Co to mention only a few! And are also greatly appreciative of the fans here on Etsy who also can see the timeless exquisiteness of these old spoons.

Thank you for reading!

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